The New Zealand Guide to CRM in 2017

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In 1986, Act! Version 1.0 was the first software program to help business people manage their customers. Consequently, the term “Customer Relationship Management” was coined. In 2016, there are now literally hundreds of CRMs on the market, each claiming to be the best. While each one may promote specific features and benefits, it is really important that you are using the right CRM software for your business to ensure a return on your investment. This eBook yields valuable insight into the areas that you need to consider when evaluating CRMs.

At Act Today, we have been working with Act! CRM since 1992 and have implemented Act! for thousands of businesses worldwide, from single user sites up to 100+ user corporations. We have seen a lot of CRMs come and go and we have seen a few customers move on to “bigger and better” only to return a year later.

We understand CRM and how the current technological and business environments interact. Our guide is designed to help businesses of all sizes and industries make an informed decision on the right CRM for their business.

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