Act! Cloud

Get on-demand access to your Act! data anywhere, anytime.

Our Act! Cloud solutions help to solve your IT challenges while enabling you to deliver outstanding service to your customers. There is no requirement to purchase an Act! Subscription or set up a web server…you simply pay a low monthly fee for your licence and data hosting and we do the rest.

Act! Cloud gives you the real power of Act! Premium with the additional advantages of cloud technology so that you can access your live Act! data at any time or anywhere through the Internet via a browser/phone/tablet.

Unlike any other ‘Cloud’ CRM, our Act! Cloud system also gives you access to a local copy of your database so that you can work offline. This is ideal if you require complete access to all Act! features and functionality and don’t want to be reliant on your Internet speed. Any changes to your offline database are synchronised to the master database on the Cloud Server.

All of our Cloud options include:
  • Act! Subscription
  • Fast deployment to the cloud
  • Local hosting of your data in Australia[1]
  • Remote database for offline access*
  • Sync Outlook/Google Calendar & Contacts[2]
  • Database customisation
  • Data import
  • Upload an existing Act! Database
  • Basic Act! emarketing account[3]
  • Secure Data Backup[4]
  • Easily add new Act! users
  • Unlimited users
  • Latest version of Act! Premium
  • No long term contracts[5]
  • Ability to move ‘in-house’ anytime
Act! Cloud
$45/mo/pp (AUD)
Act! Premium Licence
1+ users
Web Access (6)
1 x Offline database*
MS Office Integration (7)
Act! Cloud Plus
$55/mo/pp (AUD)
Act! Premium Licence
Min 4+ users
All features of Act! Cloud
Remote Desktop Login (8)
AddOn Software (9)
Act! Cloud Ultimate
Act! Premium Licence
Min 4+ users
Web Access (6)
Remote Desktop/Citrix Login
Microsoft Office 365 (optional)
Hosting of any other software required for your business
Act! Hosting
$120/mo/db (AUD)
BYO Act! Premium Licence
Up to 10 users (10)
1 x RDP Login
Add RDP/RAM/Disk Space POA
Microsoft Office 365 (optional)
Hosting of any other software required for your business

Note: One time intial Setup Fee of $110 (+GST) applies.

Live Act! Cloud Demo*
Username: Act, No password.


Act! Cloud Deployment Model

Benefits of using Act! Cloud
  • Anytime, anywhere access to Act!. Remote, travelling or office-based users can access, update and share centralised data in real time through a web browser or a mobile device[11].
  • Simple and fast user set-up. Your Act! software is installed on our server, so there is no end-user software installation required. Remote users always have access to the most recent product updates. With the easy-to-use Act! Windows experience, less training and support time is needed to get users up and running quickly.
  • Flexibility Scale up and down to meet your business requirements. Increase or decrease the number of users and/or data space required as you need.
  • Centralised data. By alleviating the need for remote employees to synchronise their computers with the corporate database, you can feel confident that you always have up-to-date customer information.
  • Security for your data. Act! Premium has enhanced Security Features such as Field-level Security and the Ability to Secure Notes, History, and Opportunities en Masse. Additionally, feel secure in the knowledge that your critical customer data is stored on highly secure servers, maintained and backed up daily. If you lose your laptop, all your business information remain secure.
  • Low cost solution. There are no upfront hardware costs such as servers. No in house IT maintenance or administration. Easy to budget for ongoing IT expenditure.
  • Productivity All employees can easily access their contact information while they are away from the office using the same functionality as they are used to with Act!. With our exclusive remote offline database setup, you can also access Act! without the reliance of a fast Internet connection.
  • All the features of Act! Premium. Act! Premium is a feature rich, easy-to-use solution designed to meet the needs of business teams and workgroups. See Act! Premium for more details.[12]

Cloud vs On-premises


Initial Setup Fee

To get you up and running quickly there is a once off setup fee of $110.00 (+GST) that includes:

*Installation of Act! locally in your environment (1 PC) and setup of a remote database for synchronisation to the Cloud Server
plus an additional 30 minutes of ‘consulting’ that can be used for any of the following:

  • Remote login to your PC and setup of your Act! preferences
  • Initial navigation training
  • Import of existing data (needs to be provided in suitable format)
  • Upload your existing Act! Database
  • Additional remote databases can setup on a fee for service basis.

Terms and conditions


  1. Government approved Secure Data Centre
  2. Configuration of Outlook/Google sync is not included. Additional costs apply if set up by a consultant.
  3. Basic Act! emarketing account includes up to 500 contacts per month.
  4. All databases are backed up nightly and stored for 5 days. Servers are backed nightly and stored for 14 days.
  5. Payment for the account setup and the first three (3) months Act! Cloud service is required prior to the database being accessible. This payment is non-refundable. After the initial three (3) month period, payment for the hosting account is quarterly in advance.
  6. Web Access is via Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, iPad, iPhone and Android devices.
  7. MS Office (32 BIT only) integration via Internet Explorer login for Outlook, Work and Excel (requires local plugin installation).
  8. RDP – Remote Desktop Protocol enables all users to connect to another computer over a network connection.
  9. Act! AddOn software can be installed with Act! Cloud Plus and above packages. Additional costs may apply for installation and setup.
  10. Hosting includes sufficient resources for up to 10 Act! users. Additional disk space/RAM is available for additional users if required. Fees apply.
  11. Compatible devices are Safari® for iPad®/iPhone® and iOS8 and iOS9 , Chrome™ Browser for Android 4.4 and Android 5.0,  Internet Explorer® 11.0.1Firefox® 3.6 Chrome™ Browser for Windows v44.0. For full details see Act! System Requirements
  12. Due to limitations of the web environment, there are some functions that are not available in the Act! Premium for Web version. See Act! Cloud Limitations
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