What is CRM?

It’s a tool to help you manage the most important
asset in your business: your customers!

CRM or Customer/Contact Relationship Management is the key to managing all of the tasks and information relating to developing and maintaining relationships with the people, groups and companies with whom you do business.

CRM involves a variety of benefits and activities, including the ability to:

  • Manage all the details related to your contacts, such as addresses, phone numbers, e-mail, Web sites, notes, correspondence, documents, to-do items and activities
  • Communicate and effectively follow-up with your contacts by phone, mail and e-mail
  • Send Personalised correspondence to your contacts to enhance relationships
  • Schedule appointments, calls and to-do items
  • Maintain accurate records of all your interactions with contacts
  • Generate reports for reviewing CRM activities
  • Forecast and track sales opportunities to improve direct marketing results

Act! is the world’s leading Contact Relationship Management software and has been ever since the first version debuted in 1987.

Today, Act! is relied upon by millions worldwide as their business ‘command center’ providing up to the minute information about their business relationships and sales opportunities.

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